Design / consulting

Gradex Settlement measurement

Our consulting activity covers the review and evaluation of geotechnical and construction plans and the selection and development of potential alternative solutions, their technical and financial analysis and on request the preparation of detailed design. This activity is carried out by experienced engineers and market leading software recognised by the industry.

Settlement measurement


The measurement of settlement was the initial activity of the company that we have ever since successfully practiced. In the construction of soil structures (embankments and bridge abutments) it is important to know the status of consolidation, if subsequent technological processes can be safely carried out and how large settlement of the embankment each construction phase caused. The capture, transmission, and evaluation of the data are done using state of the art technology, in a fully electronic way.

An important part of the settlement measurement services is that, in addition to the graphic presentation of the data, we continuously model the expected settlement by analysing the impacts of the upcoming construction phases, thus preparing an up to date forecast.